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Hotels & Venue Finding

We search for the right hotel or venue for you

Hospitality Finder by HorecAssist eases the meeting planning process and/or the hotel search by managing the time-consuming task of researching, contacting, negotiating and evaluating venues for your organization’s events. We would also review the contract terms between you and the hotel to ensure it is in the client's benefits.

Since 2017, HorecAssit clients have taken advantage from our local and international hospitality network, experience, and industry relationships. We will send the enquiry to the hotels, track down the answers, follow-up with the hotels, and manage the entire site selection process on your behalf.

We make no difference between a large-scale association event, a small corporate function, a leisure group or an incentive, we will work to match your event with the best venue/hotel at the best value based on your specific needs.

All this at no cost for the client!

We provide advices in the following fields...

Hotels & Venues Search

Offer Negociation

Contract Negociation

Site Inspection

If you are interested in the services that we provide to our customers, feel free to contact us using the link below.

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